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Rn Vs Np Vs Pa

According to the bls nurse practitioner and physician assistant professions are projected to increase about five times the national average for all occupations. Nurse practitioner vs physician assistant job outlook.

Nurse Practitioner Vs Physician Assistant Nursepractitionerschools Com Physician Assistant Nurse Practioner Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses who have either a master s degree or doctoral degree in nursing and have completed an accredited np program.

Rn vs np vs pa. Those that need physician collaboration agreements need only have access to a physician by phone. Perhaps the most glaring difference when comparing an np to an rn is the education that is required before starting work and obtaining a title. They choose a specialty track based on their population foci in their course of study.

Another important distinction is that in many states nurse practitioners are licensed to work independently without physician supervision. The prerequisites for most pa programs include undergraduate courses in basic and behavioral sciences. The expected job outlook demonstrates a bright future for both careers.

I have my reasons for choosing bsn rn such as the need for rns rn is a bachelor degree from what i understand pa is only a certificate and np is a. Also the pa is quite straight forward while the np and crna are the contrary considering that you must practice as an rn bsn for a number of years before you actually get accepted in a np program not to mention a crna program which are very competitive so you have to want to become a nurse in general. Nps in any state can open their own practice without a physician as part of the practice.

An np practices under his her own license a pa practices under a physician license. I get that too but i also get people say that i should be a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Pa or nurse practitioner.

Posted mar 4 2002. Let s look at np vs pa. Np vs pa according to the bureau of labor and statistics bls the 2018 median pay for nurse practitioners is roughly 140 000 per year or 53 per hour.

Most np schools only accept registered nurses rns with a bachelor of science in nursing bsn although some offer bridge programs for nurses with an associate s degree or diploma. This means that physician assistants attend to the direct and immediate treatment of patients whereas nurse practitioners shift their focus on prevention wellness and education. The most significant differences between the two professions begin with the eligibility requirements.

Registered nurses need at a minimum an associate s degree in nursing adn while nurse practitioners need at least a master s degree. In comparison 2017 median pay for physician assistants is over 108 000 per year or 52 per hour. There are several differences between nurse practitioners nps and physician assistants pas.

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