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Indonesian Swear Words

However some of it just the words that do not match with the context and culture of Indonesian mostly Indonesian Pronouns. According to Worldometers in 2020 the Indonesian population is now 273 million.

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Indonesian Curse Words Dirty Words and Profanity Words Indonesian Population Indonesian Bad Words List.

Indonesian swear words. Both anjing and asu are swear words that translated as dogdog-ish person. All the impolite words have used yellowed font and you could highlight them at anytime if you want to read them. January 10 2020 at 1056 pm.

With a population growth rate of 3 million per year Indonesia has successfully become an overpopulated country. Dia mulai menggrepe cewek itu. They are listed from the least rude no10 to the rudest no1.

He starts to touch the girl. There are many insults phrases in Indonesia. English Swear Words by Indonesian Learners JELTL Vol.

Especially when it comes to swear words where every language has its own view and references in it. Asu is the perfect word to curse out loud when things dont go your way. Really can be anything close.

Woles Dont worry or take it easy. Tai tahi tae taik. However the rudeness of it are highly different.

This study investigates the acquisition of swear words by Indonesian students using social media which was designed. They have some very nice bad words for you to use. Anjing is an Indonesian word while asu mostly used by Javanese-speaking society.

Swear words are often associated to inappropriate expressions in all societies. This is Great for new YouTubers. Grepe is an Indonesian slang word refers to actions like touching fingering palpating in a sexual orientation.

Best Regards James Parker. Swear curse aspersion slander indignation. Both Indonesia and Malaysia are countries with strong Islam influence not to mention Muslims in both countries are the majority.

Language functions to convey expression and content either for their self or for others. Learn how to swear in Sundanese Bahasa Sunda one of the local languages of Indonesia. Here I have compiled ten rudest words in Indonesian language.

Ndas Keleng similar to son of a btchbstard Ndas head also a swear word in Javanese keleng penis. All the data was collected from Spy movie that released in 2015 with 136 swear words. 11 2016 2 their feelings and it is the reason why they have to create a system that makes them.

This study observes subtitle strategies and readabilities in unauthorized Indonesian subtitle translation with main focus into swear words translation. After learning about how to say Indonesian numbers as well as learning Indonesian words for fruits and Indonesian words for animals you might want to check out these Indonesian abusive words to enrich your vocabularySuch curses are commonly heard around us especially when you go to less organized public places like the road public transport or outdoor places. Feses eek beol berakmaaf yapalak bapak kau.

I had no idea that Malaysians also use Anjing Dog as a swear word frequently. Here are 27 Indonesian swear words or common insultsNo sensors of course so lock your kids in the basement for the duration of this video. Some is specifics like Balinese Swear Words others are more general Bad Words and discriminative.

Woles is an Indonesian slang word used to make someone doesnt feel worry or make someone feels comfortable. Anyway here is my theory. A lot of expletive words ahead.

In other words swear word is. Now take a look of the list. AsuAnjing Tai Idk anymore I dont use shiy swear words bajingan assholebajingan - bastardasshole jancok - fuck kind of kontol - dick memek - pussy bego - stupid lonte - whore ngentot - fuck janfrosstt tae is also informal indonesian.

We must warn you that the Javanese are polite respectful people so try not to say asu directly at them. Cukimai choo-key-my Manado The C-word. Some people tend to use swear words in certain conditions and situation to show their feeling or just to express an inconvenience.

Scorn abuse invective obscenities insult. Cicing cai anjing kamu Youre a dog Indonesian surely had something with dogs cicing be cause in Javanese and Bahasa Indonesia it is the most popular and common swear words. Thank you for your comment we decided to make it happen.

Within 3 days or less an Indonesian bad and swear words list will be published within our profanity lists. Sialan lu fck you. Its practically the Indonesian equivalent of damn in terms of offensiveness.

An email will be sent to your email. More Indonesian words for swear word.

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