The Importance of Education

Education is a factor that distinguishes man from animals. Humans are able to have the manners and morals with the foundation and basic education. Education makes humans live in harmony and modern. In today's education is an essential requirement of every human being in the world.

Humans should carry out education to fill themselves with the skill and ability to live with other human beings. There are several types of education with the benefits of each, complete the following description:

1. Formal Education

Formal education is education that is implemented and carried out by formal institutions such as schools. Formal education is education that must be executed by everyone in the world. Formal education teaches general science knowledge that should be owned by everyone. People who have carried out formal education will receive an official certificate as proof that the person has been educated.

Differentiated by the level of formal education levels, namely the primary school, junior secondary school level, high school, and collage. Any person who has completed a formal education in college will earn a bachelor's degree in accordance with the field being taken. Scholar often called the engineer. That is, people who are experts in a particular field.

Diploma obtained from a very needed formal education in various fields. Diplomas reflecting the performance of each person. The higher the level of education will certainly be higher the level of ability and skill of the person. Therefore, many companies that require a diploma as a condition of filing a job application at their company.

2. Non-Formal Education

Non-formal education is an education that is conducted outside formal education. NFE was born as a complement to formal education. Formal education was held in order to help improve the skills of each person. Examples of non-formal education is a course, learning together, seminars, and so on.

Some non-formal education such as seminars provide charter as a form of appreciation and also proof that the person has participated in the seminar. Non-formal education is also usually intended as an increase in morality and behavior. Education ordinary morality is packaged in the form of religious and deliberation.

Each type of education both formal and non-formal education is a medium that is done in order to become a better human cuality. Education is basically a form of teaching on the value of good and bad. Education also teach everything that can be useful for humans and nature. Look wherever education, because education is the need of every person.

Education is a valuable asset for the future. If you have children, then give the best education for your child. Make sure they become bright future with education. Hopefully this article useful, regards education

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