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Example of Autobiography

Here is an example of my autobiography. I hope can usefull for you all.

Enden Rahayu Autobiography 

My name Enden Rahayu, I was the eldest of three brothers in a modest family. I was born on January 19, 1995. My father named Mr. Mamat Rahmat Setiawan and my mother Yuyun Yuningsih. I was born in a village precisely in Sakambangan Village , Mekarwangi District of Garut. My birth place is fairly isolated, because it is quite far from the city center.

Mountains and dense forests can still be found and the landscape that surrounds the area where I was born. Although isolated, but people's culture in my area is fairly modern. Electrical and Means of Communication Telecommunication already available. However, it has not been long existence. When the age of 7 years during elementary school years I still remember when the electricity network are not in our village. At that time, all the villagers rely deasel engine to generate electricity for lighting around the house in the village.

As a child I trained hard by parents. Understandably the small time I spelled recalcitrant child. I often fight and annoying them. I was a lazy kid school, lessons, and even told to eat too hard so I often scolded and taught harshly by my parents.

My father worked as an elementary school teacher. He is a reliable father figure, each home teaching school my dad likes to go to the garden for planting. It was said maintaining essential nature, and nature will provide feedback on our efforts in preserving nature. My father had a fairly extensive field land, each fields planted with trees, he said as a form of investment for the future.

As someone who was born in the village, since childhood I was educated with a strong religious education. I went to elementary school every 07.00 and return at 12.00 in the afternoon. After coming Asr time I attended a religious school activities held in the village. A religious school teaching basic religious values ​​are carried out voluntarily by villagers.

Not only religious schools, at sunset I also conduct the Koran in the mosque. Activity Koran is an activity must be followed by every child in the village, activity Koran was carried out from dusk until time of Isha, his pupil was a lot of the children who were in school at the primary level and also children are not in school because education is not a priority at the time.

Treading junior high, I was schooled in the Islamic Elementary School called MTs, to be located in the side of my village. Because it is relatively new, the building is not yet there. Learning activities carried out at the Government Elementary School building Primary School .Because riding in MI schools, learning activities are not carried out in the morning, but at noon. I go to school at 1 pm and return at 5 pm, it was hard at first but over time becomes a habit and it can be enjoyed.

After school activities done, I do not necessarily completed. Still there are activities that must be followed in the mosque after sunset prayer time arrives. Without felt time and time period of MTs passed. Stepping on my high school years to Madrasah Awaliyah schooled in a small town called Pamengpeuk. High school is a time of introduction of modern life. I was introduced to the hectic urban life, motorcycles and cars passing by on the highway, it is very much different from my childhood.

At high school I realized that the world is wide, and modernization has been used in various fields. I know the computer, internet, email, and other modern technologies in high school. 

That's all my autobiography. Hope can be usefull for all reader. 

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